My thoughts on entering Public Service...

It a big responsibility and time commitment. During this process, my family and I have come to realize that there are folks out there who will try and bring down people who run for office. I am a strong person and have no problem being totally transparent.

As for the time commitment. I have come to realize that there seems to be a misconception that council meets on Monday nights and that's about it. However, it is more like a 20 to 30 hour a week commitment to our constituents. Besides all night Mondays, councilpersons head up 2 to 3 commissions or boards with each one meeting 1 to 2 times per month. Then on top of that, there are breakfasts and lunches all over town that request city presence. Plus there are ribbon cuttings, trips to Austin and other cities, school visits, and meeting with constituents. All combined, it is like another full time job. That is why traditionally the city council is made up of business owners, retirees, or execs that can dedicate enough time to the city.

This is an important factor when considering who to back in the 4 contested races.

I am fully prepared to dedicate the required time and have hired additional staff in my business to ensure I can be an active participant in any/ all city business.

Brandon Gadoci