Why me instead of my opposition?

Out of the three Candidates running in Place 4, I'm proud to say the following ...

I am the only homeowner (and therefore know firsthand the effect of rising property taxes).

I am the only brick and mortar business owner in Richardson, whose business is also open to the public. This is important because when elected, I will welcome citizens to visit me anytime to discuss ideas and concerns.

I am the only candidate who has gone through city processes to start a business.

I believe I am also the only person who can give 20 or 30 hours a week to the city without it becoming a financial hardship.

I am the only resident of Collin County, with children in Plano Schools. This is an important distinction because we have about 20 percent of the kids in Richardson attend schools in PISD and Collin County has been routinely under represented on the Richardson city council.

Brandon Gadoci