What made me decide to run for city council?

I have volunteered with various Richardson community programs from childhood to now, and most recently was the foreman of the 2018 Collin County Grand Jury with is a 6-month commitment for those who serve. In my experience most people see jury duty as a burden; however, I have always looked at it as an essential part of being an American. Upon selection, I was honored to be chosen as foreman. As foreman I oversaw over 1500 felony cases, monitoring the debates and questions of the police, witnesses, victims, and prosecutors. At the end of each day, I worked with 11 other jurors to decide the fate of all of the accused. It was an honor to be a part of that process. During this experience, I had a massive sense of pride serving my community and wanted to continue doing so after my commitment was complete.

Brandon Gadoci