What do you think are the key economic development goals for our city? What plans or actions would you propose to achieve these goals?

Richardson is a landlocked city. We have very little open space left. We have to be more creative than the wide-open cities North of us to continue to compete globally. The current and past council members have done an excellent job at making Richardson attractive to business of medium to substantial in nature. We need to continue to attract businesses and developments that keep the majority of tax burdens off the residents of our city. Right now, citizens property taxes account for 34% of the total revenue for the city. Attracting more businesses to Richardson will help us maintain or lower that burden. My biggest economic development goal is to look at the projects practically and with common sense. I am also not a fan of approving developments and then applying variances down the road so that they are far off from the original vision. We need more Cityline projects and less Palisades. We need to be thoughtful to our surrounding neighbors when deciding on future developments.

In regards to Palisades, once the trial is over in Sherman, we need to start the healing process and move on. I want to make Palisades a project that I focus my attention. I was not a fan of the original development, but I certainly want it to be completed instead of sitting 1/3 done.

Brandon Gadoci