What do you consider the three top issues facing Richardson, and how would you address them as a City Council member. If your ideas have a cost how would you propose to pay for the solutions?

  1. Aging infrastructure is and will continue to be a significant issue in Richardson. The city is on the right track with increasing the budget for street repairs and is completing these projects in a timely matter. It is something that will always remain a top priority for Richardson and should continue to be allocated the resources it needs.

  2. Mobility and transportation remain a concern. We need to work with TXDOT on 75. The fact that the HOV lanes have only one entrance going north and one going South with no exits within Richardson is ridiculous. Plano has essentially abandoned their HOV portion, yet we have it running straight through our city making unusable for Richardson residence. I would like to see a flexible lane strategy that consists of HOV during rush hour and usable for everyone else during off hours or at a minimum remove the barriers to make it accessible to all of Richardson while keeping it an HOV Lane. Sometimes things need just to be looked at with common sense. While we can't directly control what happens on 75, we can make sure our voice is heard. I am encouraged by the addition of a second rail for the Cotton Belt Railway. This project will forever transform the North West Quadrant of Richardson and will be a benefit to all the citizens of our great city.

  3. Due to recent events, I feel that trust in our council is another critical issue we face today. When I become a councilperson, I commit to being extremely accessible and open to hearing directly from my constituents.

I am a frank and fair individual and will welcome anyone’s thoughts to help craft my decisions. Being a new small business owner, I was grateful to the City of Richardson for listening to my needs and wants during the development phase and want to help give a voice to other current and future small businesses as well.

Brandon Gadoci