Lets talk about the time commitment of a Richardson City councilperson.

A lot of people think the council meets on Monday nights and that's about it. However, it is more like a 20 - 30 hour a week commitment to our constituents. In addition to all night Mondays, councilpersons head up 2 to 3 commissions or boards with each one meeting 1 to 2 times per month. It doesn’t stop there. Don’t forget the breakfasts and lunches all over town that request city presence. There are ribbon cuttings, trips to Austin and other cities, school visits, and meeting with constituents. All in all it’s another full time job.

This is why traditionally the city council has been made up of business owners, retirees, or execs that can dedicate enough time to the city.

It is an important factor when considering who to back in the 4 contested races.

I am fully prepared to dedicate the required time. I have hired additional staff to make sure I can be an active participant in city business.


Brandon Gadoci